The Earth of the Fourth Sun RPG


A Free Fantasy RolePlaying Game
by Thomas Slaughter

What is the Earth of the Fourth Sun RPG?

The Earth of the Fourth Sun is a pen and paper RPG. It has a point-based creation system that allows the user to create a fully-developed character without the use of crippling Disadvantages, while allowing him a full scope of Skills, Advantages and Gifts. Gifts reflect the ambient magic of the Fourth Sun, and include such abilities as Regeneration, Tap into Leyline/Node, Detach Soul, Soft-Fist, and Enter Other's Dream. Although a player is encouraged to create his own character from scratch, there are included a series of 13 character Templates that can be used to create a character quickly. For some more information about what makes up a character, click here :

The Magic system allows the character to cast spells as often as he wishes- there is no set number of times per day a spell may be cast, nor is there any management of spell-points. Yet the magic system is not unbalanced, for the nature of magic is chaotic, and may induce penalties such as Manna Aspecting and Backfires for those who are unwise and unlucky. Each spell is given as a template- the player customizes each spell. Included are 40 spell templates. Also included are the means of creating new spells, as well as creation of magic items.

Combat in the Earth of the Fourth Sun is more cinematic than realistic. A character has the option of using up to 30 Special Combat Manuevers against his foe that normally can not be countered. Such manuevers include Lucky Strike, Backslash and Falcon Wing. Damage during combat relies on skill as much as the weapon being used.

Best of all, this is the FREE playtest version!

The files below are in Adobe Acrobat format. The complete playtest is a large file. If you need the files broken up, email me.

Playtest Version (Complete)

Character Sheet (Basic)

Update: 6/18/05: Ch 3 Combat Revised ver 2

The Earth of the Fourth Sun is a work in progress. ALL FEEDBACK and SUGGESTIONS are welcome!
Do you have an interesting setting idea that would go well with E04S? Any new spells, special combat maneuvers, creatures, etc that you would like to share?
Are you an artist and would like to contribute to the game (ALL picture rights would remain yours until a contract is made at a later date)?
If so,  please email me at:

The Earth of the Fourth Sun Free Fantasy RPG